• BHive 是一款让工厂即时建立化学品库存清单的工具。 它也是让品牌了解工厂使用哪种化学品,


    BHive is a tool that enables factories to instantly develop chemical inventories. It is also the

    simplest and fastest way to give brands visibility to which chemicals are used in their factories and whether those chemicals have sustainability attributes.

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  • 它是如何工作的?


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    1. Scan 扫描


    Use BHive to scan chemical products, and Instantly see product info & whether chemicals meet specific sustainability or brand criteria

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    2. Upload 上传

    获取所有化学品后,上传到数据库。Once all the chemical products are captured, upload onto the database.

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    3. Manage 管理

    查看并管理化学品清单的在线平台。 传出及分享。

    View and manage chemical inventory online platform.

  • Why use BHive

    Watch this short demo

  • 好处


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    • 快速简便的应用
    • 减少输入数据和检查准确性所需的时间
    • 减少检查化学品符合合规性文件的时间
    • 减少手动输入错误


    • 了解自己对化学品的使用以及它们是否符合客户要求


    • 合规化学品完全透明
    • 显示工厂对化学品使用的管控


    Reduced time and workload

    • Fast and easy application
    • Less time spent entering data and checking accuracy
    • Less time checking compliance of chemicals against conformity documents
    • Less manual input errors

    Track performance

    • Understand own use of chemicals and whether they meet customer requirements

    Show commitment on improving chemical compliance to customers

    • Full transparency of compliant chemicals
    • Show control of chemical usage
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    品牌/ 零售商




    • 简便、集中地访问整个供应链中的化学数据
    • 接收准确的数据
    • 缩短数据收集时间



    • 化学目标的绩效监测
    • 正在改进以适应特定的品牌要求



    • 满足利益相关者对化学监测的期望

    Reduced time and accessibility to quality data

    • Easy, centralized access to chemical data across the supply chain
    • Receive accurate data
    • Reduced time on data collection

    Track performance

    • Performance monitoring of chemical goals
    • Ongoing improvements to tailor to specific brand requirements


    • Meet stakeholder expectations on chemical monitoring





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    • 在工厂和品牌间提高对参与公司的化学品知名度。



    • 加速使用参与公司的合规化学品。



    • 访问我们的平台,向品牌,零售商和工厂推广新产品



    • Greater visibility of chemicals of participating companies among factories and brands.

    Increase adoption of safer chemistry

    • Accelerated use of compliant chemicals of participating companies.

    New communication channel

    • Access our platform to promote new product releases to brands, retailers and factories.



  • What our Partners say

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    “OEKO-TEX® recognizes the importance of a tool like the BHive, where brands and producers can view and compare the safety of chemicals. This kind of transparency is paramount for creating a sustainable supply chain.” —Jonathan Wehrli, Product Manager for ECO PASSPORT and ACP bei OEKO-TEX®

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    “Increased speed and reduced workload are the major benefits we are already seeing from using BHive to implement our new MRSL. We see these benefits within our own business as well as on the supply chain side, and feedback from our supplier is really positive. Our aim is to roll BHive out to our global supply chain.”— Ann-Karin Dahlberg, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Lindex

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    “At Bestseller, we are working toward some ambitious sustainability goals over the next few years. For us to achieve these goals we need accurate data at our fingertips. We’ve found BHive to be just what we need. We’ve never before had this kind of transparency regarding our suppliers’ chemical use, and the best part is that it is so easy to understand. BHive is enabling us to realize the changes we want to see, and it’s been much simpler than we imagined.”— Felicity Tapsell, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Bestseller AS

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    "One thing we really value about The BHive is how easy it is to use from a brand perspective, You can tell that it was created with user-friendliness in mind. The BHive supports our due diligence approach by visualizing potential risks related to the use of hazardous chemicals and by easing the tracking of the progress made in phasing out such chemicals."— Yvonne Swoboda, Team Leader Corporate Responsibility