• User Agreement


    开发者名称: 向蓝企业管理咨询(杭州)有限公司 

    Developer name: GoBluManagement and Consulting (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.


    应用名称: TheBHive™ 

    Application name: TheBHive™ 


    敬请注意:The BHive™并非通用的开放工具,仅在The BHive™获得登录资料的会员才能登录本平台。Please note that only members who have received log in credentials from The BHive™ will be able to log into The BHive™. It is not a tool open to the public.




    用户协议:User Confirmations:

    By using The BHive, I certify that I understand and agree with the User Requirements, Data Liability Statement, and Privacy Policy. 

    使用The BHive,我确认理解并同意用户要求,数据责任声明和隐私政策。


    The BHive User Requirements/ BHive用户要求: 

    I understand that The BHive™ must only be used on the factory premises, and must not be used on any outside premises or for any products that are not used by the facility holding this license.

    我确知The BHive™必须且仅限在生产场所内使用,不得在任何室外场所使用,不得对任何不受本协议许可的工厂的产品使用。



    BHive数据责任声明/ The BHive Data Liability Statement

    我了解GoBlu对The BHive™上汇总信息的准确性不承担法律责任。 BHive™不能替代平台上包括各种标准/倡议所要求的现有化学品认证或测试过程。 BHive™用户全权负责按照每个标准持有者/发起者的现有认证程序来满足他们的个性化需求。I understand that GoBlu is not legally responsible for the accuracy of the information aggregated on The BHive™. The BHive™ does not replace existing chemical or product verification or testing processes required by the various standards/initiatives included on the platform. The BHive™ users are solely responsible for following the existing verification procedure for each standard-holder/initiative as needed to meet their individual requirements.


    The BHive™隐私政策/ The BHive™ Privacy Policy

    我确知GoBlu可能会使用由The BHive™以匿名方式收集工厂使用的化学品用于平台数据汇总统计,但未厂同意GoBlu不会将数据共享任何第三方。 

    I understand that GoBlu might use the formula data gathered via The BHive™ anonymously andin an aggregated format for statistical purpose. GoBlu will not share the datawith any third party unless agreed by the facility. 



    IMPORTANT: By downloading the app, you are agreeing with the terms written above. 



    Character Recognition: We use Baidu Optical CharacterRecognition OCR (com.baidu.ocr) in the mobile app to recognize the chemical namesand manufacturer's name on the productlabel users scan. OCR is onlyconvenient for the factory to create  chemical list, and does not collect user's personal information.