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    外部资源 | External Resources

    以下是我们的合作伙伴提供的外部资源。*请注意:GoBlu/ The BHive 对合作伙伴发布的内容不进行控制,也不承担任何责任。

    Below you can find external resources offered by our partners. *Please note: GoBlu/ The BHive does not control nor take any responsibility in the content published by our partners. 

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    了解更多信息: 技术培训 Learn about: Technical Training


    30 多年来,Centrocot 培训部根据纺织、服装、时尚、配饰、皮革和产业用纺织品行业的特殊需求,提供目录式或定制的技术专业课程。Centrocot 实验室开展的研发活动为专业化提供了支持,该实验室进行了 2000 多项测试(超过 700 项获得 ACCREDIA 认证),并获得了产品和工艺认证。培训课程有面授和在线两种形式,保证了最大的灵活性。培训部门通过了 CERTIQUALITY 的 ISO 9001:2015 认证,并且是 ZDHC 培训提供商。

    Centrocot's Training Department, for 30+ years, has been offering technical-specialty courses by catalog or tailor-made, targeted to the specific needs of the textile, clothing, fashion, accessories, leather, and technical textiles sectors. Specialization is supported by the R&D activity conducted by Centrocot's laboratories, with over 2,000 tests (>700 accredited by ACCREDIA) as well as product and processes certifications. Courses are held in-person and online, guaranteeing maximum flexibility. The training department is certified ISO 9001:2015 by CERTIQUALITY and is a ZDHC Training Provider.

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    了解更多 纺织业  Learn about: Textile Industry



    The Hohenstein Academy, rooted in tradition and expertise from the Hohenstein Institute, offers contemporary learning experiences and knowledge transfer. Embracing the digital age, it provides access to innovative learning platforms and materials, including webinars, tutorials, and videos. Covering topics from textile basics to sustainability, it aims to make learning enjoyable and accessible, fostering success in diverse fields.

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    了解关于: 限用物质和化学品管理。Learn about: Restricted Substances, Chemical Management.


    NimkarTek NOTES 是由 NimkarTek 开发和管理的在线培训平台。NOTES于2014年推出,在化学品管理、可持续发展和产品监管等相关领域提供方便、经济、互动的在线课程。作为ZDHC和SAC认可的培训提供商,NimkarTek已成功为全球数千名专业人士通过NOTES提供培训。随时随地,按自己的节奏学习!

    NimkarTek NOTES is a go-to online training platform developed and managed by NimkarTek. Launched in 2014, NOTES offers accessible, affordable, interactive online courses in areas related to Chemical Management, Sustainability and Product Stewardship. As an accredited training provider by both ZDHC and SAC, through NOTES, NimkarTek has successfully provided training to thousands of professionals across the globe. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere!