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    BHive校园是 BHive 创新工具的生态学习系统

    The Campus is the Innovative Learning Ecosystem of The BHive.

    BHive 校园为学习者提供一系列关于使用 BHive 化学品管理平台的多语种电子培训。作为一个生态学习系统,BHive 校园包含培训模块、全面的用户指南和知识中心,使学习者始终掌握可持续和透明化管理化学品的最新行业要求

    The Campus offers to learners a series of e-trainings in multiple languages about the use of The BHive chemical management platform. The BHive Campus, as a learning ecosystem, encloses training modules, a comprehensive user guide and a knowledge centre to keep learners always up to date with the latest industry requirements for a sustainable and transparent chemical management.

    如何使用 The BHive | How to use The BHive

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    Find the training calendar and sign up for training webinars.

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    Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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    Reach our to a member of our team or search for local support.

    外部资源 | External Resources

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    Check out trainings offered by our trusted partners and additional related resources.