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    报名参加我们的公开培训 | Sign up for our open trainings.

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    一般情况,您与The BHive的链接会开始于一个由您的品牌或零售商客户与The BHive团队共同组织的启动网络研讨会。当然,启动网络研讨会之外,我们还为所有用户定期提供不同语言、不同主题的技术培训课程。让您可以根据自己的具体需求定制培训计划,我们将从一般介绍到绩效管理的深入探讨满足您的需求!

    In most cases, you onboarding process with The BHive begins with a Kickoff-Webinar, which is jointly organized by one of your brand or retailer customers and The BHive team. In addition to this Kickoff-Webinar, we offer regular Technical Training Sessions in different languages and about different topics to all our users. This way you can customize your training plan to your specific needs: From a general introduction to a deep dive into performance management - we’ve got you covered!

    If you are having issues while signing up to the trainings, please contact support@thebhive.net.

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    1.1 数据输入--BHive 简介

    1.1 Data Input - The BHive Introduction


    Currently no trainings available.

    Duration: 45 Minutes

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    1.2 数据输入--从数据输入到化学品清单出版

    1.2 From Data Input to CIL Publication


    Wednesday, June 19 : 3:15PM CN time

    Duration: 45 Minutes

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    1.3 数据输入 - 在清单中添加化学品详细信息

    1.3 Add chemical details to your inventory  

    Wednesday, June 26 : 2:00PM CN time

    Duration: 45 Minutes

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    2.1 数据处理 - 水管理 - 废水检测报告

    2.1 Data Processing - Water Management: Wastewater Test Reports


    Wednesday, July 3: : 2:00PM CN time

    Duration: 45 Minutes

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    3.1 数据报告 - ZDHC Performance InCheck

    3.1 Data Reporting - ZDHC Performance InCheck



    Wednesday, July 17: : 2:00PM CN time 

    Duration: 45 Minutes

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    3.2 化学品合规性和纠正措施

    3.2 Chemical Compliance and Corrective Actions


    Wednesday, July 24: : 2:00PM CN time 

    Duration: 45 Minutes

    您应该参加哪些课程单元?| Which modules should you attend?

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    根据您的技能水平和对 The BHive 的熟悉程度,定制您的学习旅程。我们将培训分为三个主要模块--请参阅以下内容,根据您的水平确定您应参加的课程。

    Customize your learning journey depending on your skill level and familiarity with The BHive. We have split our trainings into three main modules - see below which sessions you should attend based on your level.

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    模块 1 | 数据输入

    3 次培训

    1. BHive 简介: 设置您的账户。
    2. 化学品库存发布: 将化学产品添加到您的库存中。
    3. 在化学品清单中添加化学品详细信息: 您可以在化学品清单中添加其他数据。
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    模块 2 | 数据处理

    1-2 次培训课程:

    1. 水管理: 上传废水检测报告和您的月用水量
    2. 其他品牌特定培训
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    模块 3 | 数据报告

    2 次培训课程:

    1. ZDHC Performance InCheck: 在 The BHive 上生成您的 ZDHC Performance InCheck 报告。
    2. 化学品合规性和纠正措施: 提高化学品合规性并制定纠正行动计划。
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    BHive 的新用户 | 鼓励参加所有 3 个模块(InCheck 课程取决于其品牌的要求)

    New users of The BHive: Encouraged to attend all 3 modules (InCheck depending on their brand’s requirements)

    的现有用户 | 除第一节 "入门 "课外,您可以在其他所有课程中随时温故知新。

    Existing Users: Refresh your knowledge in all sessions except the “Introduction”.

    专家 | 外部培训, 获取更多知识

    Experts: External trainings.